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About Our Blends

Our blends are the result of a careful choice of raw materials and natural flavours. With our latest generation capsules, we improve every day the final result in the cup, while preserving high quality and fragrance.

The coffee reached Europe in the second half of 1600. During the great vessels that crossed the Mediterranean age, it was been introduced in our continental trades.

Venice was the first Italian city that experienced the coffee aroma, and then it spread throughout the whole Peninsula. It became a benchmark for not only Italians but also from other countries merchants, especially from central and northern Europe. 

Venetians were the firsts to learn all about this beverage both for its characteristic good taste, but also to take advantage from its medicinal and digestive properties. Starting from Venice onwards, the coffee crossed the West, becoming famous and appreciated. Once again, the lagoon city followed its nature as a bridge between East and West by importing and transforming an eastern beverage into a western coffee..

The Tre Venezie Coffee carries on the tradition, offering innovative solutions of superior quality .

The History of Tre Venezie

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